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The mystical Llamacorn. The most rare, and magical of all the fairy creatures. Little is known about the Llamacorn other than its love for sweetness. This wonderful candle starts with the pink sweetness of cotton candy, and then changes to delicious, mouthwatering blue bubblegum. If you're a fan of sweetness, and cuteness than this is the candle you've been waiting for. Grab it before it disappears back into the fairy woods. 

Our classic 14.5 oz candle with the most recognizable jar in the business, a flat lid (great for stacking), and beautifully colored wax. We use twin wicks to create a fast, and even wax pool. Our wicks are 100% fiber, no lead, or zinc. The unique patented, knitted wicks are made in America, and offer improved capillary flow to make certain your space is filled with fragrance.

 Pink/Blue Wax.


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