The Original Mama Llama Fun Frames| Stand-in Picture Frames| Face In The Hole Board| Picture You Put Your Head In

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The Original Mama Llama Fun Frames!

A photo stand-in, also called a Sproftacchel, face in the hole board, photo cutout board, comic foreground, or picture you put your head in. Photo stand-ins may be found at midways, carnivals, parties, tourist traps, theme parks and similar locations and events that people visit for entertainment. These whimsical picture boards date back to the 1800's, and almost everyone has used them. Now The Mama Llama Co. has brought them into your home for you to enjoy everyday. Order with magnets on the back for your fridge, a hanging loop for your car, Christmas Tree, or anywhere else, or no magnet for hanging on a wall or on a stand on a table. However you display them you will lobe Mama Llama Fun Frames.

The graphics for each Fun Frame are sublimated on the wood, and sealed with several coats of a crystal clear finish. The opening for the picture is 1.5" round, and comes with an acrylic pane to protect the picture . You can buy a 1.5" circle punch at your local hobby center, or order one online. We also include a wooden template so you can draw a circle on the pic, and cut them with scissors, and if those options aren't to your liking we are happy to print your picture (that you send us) on photo paper, and install it for you. It can't get any easier.

The size of each frame varies, but the photo opening is approx. 1.5"

We have many more on the way, and will gladly work with requests.

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