The Hippie-Limited Edition

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The Hippie starts out burning a...wait...I mean starts out with beautiful Nag Champa, then switches to Dragon's Blood, and finishes with...what was I talking about? Oh the candle. It finishes with a nice grounded Patchouli. The wax is a two color tie dye that blends beautifully into each other. Our candles are hand poured by our Artisans, so variation will occur.  

The tie dye wax is a little more involved man, so we gotta charge a little more, but we promise you'll love it.

 Our classic 14.5 oz candle with the most recognizable jar in the business, a flat lid, and colored wax. We use twin wicks to create a fast, and even wax pool. Our wicks are 100% fiber, no lead, or zinc. The unique patented, knitted wicks are made in America, and offer improved capillary flow. Tie Dye wax

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